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Exciting News



As salaam u alaikum !

Man, it’s been long.. Hope you all missed me?!

Soo, let’s not waste time here, I have great news! There were many requests about me starting a new blog which I let fall on deaf ears because I had put sooo much of time into xoxomemongirl that I felt lazy enough to never write again for as long as I shall live !


However, I was sitting around one day, an idea struck and I suddenly found myself typing away in my notes folder until I realized I had just written a bunch of posts for a brand new blog. The thing is, I’m unsure if there’s a way to have xoxomemongirl and this new blog (the name of which I won’t reveal as yet) to co-exist a little seperately on this website therefore renaming this page so that it is not mainly the xoxomemongirl site. In certain aspects I am not the most techno savvy kinda person and that’s why I need the help of anybody who knows if and how that is possible. If all else fails I’ll just create another wordpress account and post the link here but that would mean you would have to subscribe to a new blog. Any ideas on what I should do?


Also, any guesses on what the new blog is about? (Hint: it’s very different from xoxomemongirl)

Extremely Valuable Gold and Diamonds



As salaam u alaikum.



Wishing each and every one of you a blessed Ramadaan in advance.



Just thought I’d share a list of some beneficial duas with you all.
If you’re falling asleep and suddenly realize that you haven’t made the most out of a day in this blessed month, you could conveniently whip out your phone and read these as you lay in bed so that you’ve banked at least something for yourselves. (I’d suggest doing this every night whether in or out of Ramadaan)

To me, these duas are more valuable than all the gold and diamonds in the world (hence the title)


We should try our best to spend time engaging in as much ibaadah as possible. Let us spend the time reading a lot of Quran, nafl salaah, zikr, duas, thanking Allah and asking for His forgiveness , staying away from sin, giving in charity and doing good deeds, controlling our tempers and being kind.

Please forgive me for any short comings and remember me in your duas and please pass this list of duas on. Insha Allah you will get the reward everytime somebody you’ve passed it on to reads it.

{Dua for unseen help}
“Wa mayyattakilaaha yaj Allahu makhraja wa yar zukhoo min haythhoo laa yahh tasib wa may yatawakkal Alallaahi fa huwa hasbuhu in Allaha baalighu amri qad jaa Alallahu li kuli shay in qadra”


( And for those who fear Allah, He (ever) prepares a way out, And He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if any one puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish his purpose: verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion. (Surat at-Talaq, 65:2-3)

{Dua for Spouses and Children}


“Rabbanaa Hablana Min Azwaajina
Wadhhuriyatina Qurrata Aa yunew Wa ja’alna lil mutakina imaamaa”
(Our Lord! Grant unto us spouses and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous)



{Dua for Allah’s love}
(‘u’ is pronounced ‘oo’)


“Allahumma inni asaluka hubbaka, wa hubba mayyuhibbuka , wal Amalal ladhi yuballighuniy hubbaka”


(O Allah I ask you for your love and the love of that person who loves you and of those actions which attract your love)


{The most comprehensive dua}
“Allahuma inni as aluka
Min khairi Ma sa alaka min hu nabiyuka Muhammadun salallahualayhi wasallam
Wa aoodhhu bika min Sharri mas tha aadhaka min hu nabiyuka Muhammadun salallahualayhi wasallam wa antal mus ta’aan wa alaykal balaagh wala haula wala kuwatha illa billa”
(O Allah, I beg to You the good which Your Prophet
Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) begged of You;
and I seek refuge in You from the evil where from Your Prophet
Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) sought refuge.
You are the One from Whom help is sought and
Yours is the responsibility to communicate (the truth).
There is no power or strength except with Allah the Exalted, the Great.”



{When a loss occurs and to be recompensed with better}


“Innalillahi wa inna illayhi rajioon. Allahumma ujurni fi museebati w’ukhluf li khayran minha ”


(Truly to Allah we belong and truly to Him we shall return. Oh Allah reward me in this calamity and compensate me with something better than it)
{Dua of desperation}


“Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin fakhir ”


(My Lord, I am in absolute need of the good You send me)


{Dua for success}


“Nasruminallahi wa fath-hun kareeb…”
(help from allah and success is near)


{For work, studies, clear speech, confidence, ease in affairs}


“Rabbi-‘shrah li sadri wa yassirli amri wa-hlul ‘uqdatan min lisani yafqahu qawli.”


O my Lord! Open for me my chest (grant me self-confidence, contentment, and boldness); Ease my task for me; And remove the impediment from my speech, so they may understand what I say
{For good in this world and in the next}


“Rabbana Aatina fi dunya hasanato wa fil aakhirati hasanato wa kina aadhaabanaar”


(Our Lord! Grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and save us from the chastisement of the fire)
{For ease}


“Allahuma inni as aluka al Afiyah”

(Oh Allah grant me ease)


“Allahuma la sahla illa ma ja’altahu sahla wa anta taj  alul hazna iza shi’ ta sahla ”


(Oh Allah ! There is nothing made easy except what you make easy and you make the difficult easy if you wish)
{For financial ease (I’ve been told it’s for this, correct me if I’m wrong)}
“Allahu latifoom bi ibaadihi yar zukhoo mayyashaa wa huwal qawiyul azeez”
(Allah is gentle on His servants. He provides sustenance for whomsoever He wills and He is The omnipotent, The All Mighty)
{For relief from difficulties regarding many aspects}
”Bismillahi ala deeni wa nafsi wa waladi wa ahli wa maali”
(“May the blessings of Allah be on my Deen, life, children, family and wealth.”)
{Dua for any problem}


“Allahummarhamni bi rahmatika ya Ar hamar rahimeen”
Oh Allah! Shower your mercy upon me out of your mercy. Oh, The most merciful of all those who show mercy!
{Zikr that is heavy on your scale of good deeds}


“SubhaanAllahi Wa Bihamdihi SubhaanAllahil Azeem”


(Glory be to Allah and His is the praise, (and) Allah, the Greatest is free from imperfection)




As salaam u alaikum

We have finally reached the end of this story and that saddens me just as much as you.

If it is any consolation, the lessons and advices we all have shared will remain with us forever.

The memories conjured up in our imaginations as we’ve experienced every moment with our characters will remain as happy places to look back upon.

The bonds created with characters, authors and readers will remain in our hearts and possibly even online.

This isn’t the end , in fact. As muslims, we always have Jannah to look forward to .

I’m sure someday , we all will be sitting in a circle within the gardens of Al-Firdous and chatting away about Wasim, Farah and the rest.



We shall all meet face to face there someday and speak about how great the benefit of practicing all these lessons proved to be Insha Allah . Perhaps we may even be able to experience the story as if we were living within it if that’s what we wish! Although there are so many forms of entertainment in Jannah , but hey if you wish to relive a blog then I’m sure that could happen LOL.. in a much better way!

So let us keep striving toward that.

With regards to my joining COARIN, I’ve given it much thought and among other reasons, I’ve just got waaaay too much on my plate right now to do so. I’ve barely been focusing on anything as much as I’ve been focusing on writing xoxomg and I’m too much of a stressful person to continue biting off more than I can chew. However , I very much MIGHT (no promises here !!) possibly make a character guest appearance at some point on COARIN . I honestly can’t fathom in which ways it could ever be more amazing than it already is (because it’s just SO amazing!) and whether or not I join or appear, you all really really really have to check it out! (I will provide a link below).



With regards to the children stories, I will perhaps consider it in the future although right now I just can’t commit to that. I’ve given a link to a blog filled with amazing children stories please check it out.



I also suggest that you stay subscribed to xoxomg as I will try and share any interesting articles, lessons , duas , Hadith and short stories from time to time should I ever write any or come across any by other authors.



Please forgive me if I have ever knowingly or unknowingly offended you, hurt you, angered you, judged you, lied to you,lie to you, ignored you, saddened you, made you feel bad, misled you, scared you or caused any harm to you in any way possible.


Please remember me , the rest of the readers and the entire ummah in your duas as much as possible.
Please practice on every lesson I’ve shared with you and continue to read all the duas that we’ve learnt together.


My dua for you all is that , may each and every one of you be in a state of utmost joy and delight throughout every second of your life. May you never ever be tested with any calamities and may happiness and blessings always be showered upon you. May you be blessed with an extremely high level of strength and patience BUT may you never ever ever need to make use of it. May you never face a situation which requires you to be strong and may you always be in a state of ease, peace and tranquility.
May you be blessed with so much of hidayat and may you become so close to Allah that you do not need to be tested in order to turn to Him since you would have already done that. May you be so steadfast on your deen that you never need to be tested in order for your sins to be expiated as your sin count would be near to none. May all your sins be forgiven as if they never occurred. May your marriages be blessed with a love so strong and delightful that it makes even the love between every couple in this blog seem like nothing. May you be blessed with the best of health, wealth, piety, beauty, children, spouses, love, friendships, families, self respect and confidence, kindness, generosity, nobility, modesty, intelligence and energy in this world and in the hereafter and may all of this come easily, quickly and without any effort. May you have the best lives and the best deaths. May you never experience pain but may you still be rewarded as much as those who have. May you never be put into frightening and stressful situations but may you all still get the same rewards as those who have died as martyrs and like them, may you all find yourselves in Jannatul Firdous the moment your soul leaves your body. May you be granted all your hearts desires and may that be the best thing for you.
Insha Allah


These are a list of blogs that I have read, am currently reading or planned to. I hope I haven’t left any out since I read so many but please comment your blog link or a blog that you follow below❤





As salaam u alaikum.


We’re at the conclusion of our story and I can’t think of a better dua to end off with than the most comprehensive one!


Please recite:


“Allahuma inni as aluka
Min khairi Ma sa alaka min hu nabiyuka Muhammadun salallahualayhi wasallam
Wa aoodhhu bika min Sharri mas tha aadhaka min hu nabiyuka Muhammadun salallahualayhi wasallam wa antal mus ta’aan wa alaykal balaagh wala haula wala kuwatha illa billa”


(O Allah, I beg to You the good which Your Prophet
Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) begged of You;
and I seek refuge in You from the evil where from Your Prophet
Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) sought refuge.
You are the One from Whom help is sought and
Yours is the responsibility to communicate (the truth).
There is no power or strength except with Allah the Exalted, the Great.”’





Farah’s P.O.V


My heart leaped in excitement as I sat down in front of my computer and began to put my idea into practice.


Aliyah, like most little girls, was utterly in love with the idea of being a princess some day.


I wanted her to be so attached to her deen and live a life so pure, innocent and religious that she would make it into Jannatul Firdous where she’d live as a queen!


My plan was to teach her all the valuable lessons I’ve learnt and could possibly think of by using her own royal dream as a means to do so.


I knew she’d love to listen to and read (when she learned to) stories about as many princesses as she could find and so those are exactly what I wrote out. Princess themed Bed Time stories !


My fictional tales were a little different from the fairy tales I’d grown up reading.


My princesses were so much more beautiful in character than the ones I’d aspired to be like many years ago.


While those girls wore knee length dresses, these wore flowing Abayas.


While those girls spent their days singing nonsensical songs at the top of their lungs, these spent their days reciting the beautiful and melodious words of the Quran.


While those girls cried until Fairy Godmothers appeared to change their lives, these turned to Allah at all times. These cried in prostration to Allah!


While those girls threw themselves at princes,dancing till midnight, these girls respected themselves enough to wait till the princes arrived personally at their doorstep, to scoop them away and guide them toward the true happily ever after in Jannah.


Those stories taught Aaliyah that she’d become a princess the moment she put on her tiara.


The stories that I wrote taught Aliyah that she would become the most dazzling and breathtaking queen the moment she put on her hijab. She needed to know that hijab was the ultimate crown of a Muslim woman.


The stories I wrote out for Aliyah may have seemed like fictional tales with random names but the lessons that they would ingrain into her mind were so very real.


They created an excitement to do everything in accordance with Islam.


The stories were as enthralling as I could possibly have made them and enchantment dripped from every page.


I backed up the lessons put forth with various Hadith and verses from the holy Quran.


The princesses of my stories were depicted as noble and modest women who truly loved Allah and therefore lived happily ever after.


They were charitable and kind.
They never feared about their wealth decreasing due to excessive charity because that never happens.


With everything that they went through they grew closer to Allah.


They fought off all things bad, NOT with magic wands and NOT by chanting random gibberish words like “bibbidy bobbidy boo” but rather by reciting powerful duas and ayatul kursi.


They didn’t drink magic potions but in fact, they drank from the blessed springs of Zam Zam.


They found tranquility in their obedience to Allah.


Instead of asking their mirrors “Who is the fairest of them all ?” , when they looked in the mirror they recited “Allahumma anta hasanta khalqi fa hassin khulooqi”


(Oh Allah you have made my body beautiful , beautify my character too).


They would become passionate in their quests to islamically educate themselves and with their every act of charity and kindness, they were being rewarded without knowing it.


Eventually, the princesses would find themselves in castles made with rubies and diamonds.


The princesses were promised that they’d be rewarded for all the good they’d done in their lives and they knew they’d find that their lives in the world lasted for a mere few moments compared to the eternity of the next.


I then added in a few real life stories and lessons of the true queens of Islam : Khadija (R.A) , Fathima (R.A) , Aisha (R.A) , Aasiya (R.A) , Mariam (A.S) and all the others I could think of.


Finally I concluded with a love story.


The story of the princess and the prince who were meant to be together some day , but were forbidden from speaking until then.


The two refused to obey that command, and never SINCERELY repented for it, despite knowing they were wrong and so each time they broke the rule and spoke to one another, the fruits of a nearby tree had fallen into the forbidden well.


Each time a fruit fell, the tiny creature that lived within the well began to grow.


Eventually, the prince had married the princess and all was going well but by that time the creature in the well had fed on so many of the fruit that it had grown to the size of an enormous beast!


The beast was called “calamity” and it was the known fact that any princesses and princes that chatted to one another before their marriage would be hunted down by this beast.


Of course I would explain to Aaliyah how the monster wasn’t an ACTUAL monster but rather a metaphor for an actual calamity.


The princess wanted to run away but she knew she had brought this upon herself by breaking the command and so the only way out would be to fight the beast off along with the prince.


She knew she was lucky to have to face the beast here rather than have to face more punishment in the eternal life.


They fought the beast with their weapons called : Patience , Prayer and Repentance.


When they had realized their mistake and while they fought off the beast, the prince and princess made a firm decision that they would try their best never to break any commands ever again. By doing this, they too would be working toward castles made with precious jewels beside which rivers of milk, honey and wine would flow.


The commands were put in place for the well being of the people in the kingdom and the One who commanded them was the Lord of the worlds: Allah- our true beloved .


Allah promised everybody that by  following the commands, we would receive great reward of gardens and diamond castles in a place where we’d live happily ever after.


When I completed writing the stories, I checked up where to have it printed and beautifully bound in a way that complimented Aaliyah’s interests.


A few days later, after reading the last of the stories to Aliyah as she tried to fall asleep, I closed the sparkly, pink storybook that had become her favorite bedtime read.


Aarya, too had enjoyed listening to the stories and taking lesson. Ever since I began reading the book at bedtime, Aarya would hop on over to my section of the house for sleepovers with Aliyah even more so than before.


The two girls sighed contently as their eyes sparkled in awe of the princesses in my book.


I hoped they had decided to take them as role models and adopt their characteristics.


Aliyah seemed deep in thought.


Aliyah: So …that means if…when you do things like…um…when you do halaal things…and if you will stay away from haraam things…then you will get palaces for real? When you go to Jannah?


Me: Yes! And of course it isn’t always easy, but that’s why it’s called earning it, isn’t that right?


Aarya: And if…if when you celebrated birthdays then that will be haraam?


Me: Very. Wouldn’t you rather have a real palace and be a real princess than have a birthday party?


The two girls thought it over when Aarya spoke up.


Aarya: Aliyah, let’s just leave it then.


Aliyah: Yeah. I don’t want a party anymore….And …I’m sorry for being rude!


Aarya: Yeah me too!


Me: I see you both are following the lessons about apologizing ! Masha Allah !


Aarya: Yes. And if we don’t do sin then the big Calamity  in the well can’t get any food ! And we won’t have to fight it away and plus we won’t burn in the fire!


Aliyah: Yes! Because when the princess and prince in the last story did a bad thing then they fed the monster and they didn’t ask Allah to forgive them and see mommy, it came so big !


Aarya: Yeah and they had to fight it first ! But if they didn’t do bad things then they wouldn’t have to fight it! Because…because only after that they lived happily ever after! And then even they’ll get so much palaces! Because …um…if you do good things then you get castles!


Me: And do you know the names of that prince and princess, Aaliyah?


Aaliyah: Who, mommy?


Me: Wasim and Farah.


Aaliyah giggled before ending off the story with:




Wasim walked in with Baby Muhammed just as she said that and smirked.


Wasim: No. Not the end…


Muhammed stuck his arms out upon seeing Aaliyah and Wasim placed him next to her.


Aaliyah: What then?


Wasim sat down next to me, took my hands in his and planted a kiss on my forehead before concluding the story differently…












Hijab is the crown of a Muslim woman


Do good deeds and stay away from sin , you will be rewarded with Jannah Insha Allah


Dua  when looking in the mirror


This one isn’t mentioned in the post but just by the way, please remember that it’s of utmost importance to always say “Salallahu alaihi wasallam” when ever hearing, mentioning or coming across Nabi ﷺ name.


Author Note


I have a final note to put up soon please please read it Insha Allah .







As salaam u alaikum


Please recite:


“Allahumma inni asaluka hubbaka, wa hubba mayyuhibbuka , wal Amalal ladhi yuballighuniy hubbaka”


(Please note: the “u” is pronounced like “oo” eg. Hoobaka and not habaka) correct me if I’m wrong.


(O Allah I ask you for your love and the love of that person who loves you and of those actions which attract your love)


Farah’s P.O.V


There doesn’t always have to be a massive event in life that makes you realize what you really needed to.

Not every change has to follow a huge calamity and not every story has to end with fireworks. Yes there are many big deals that happen in life and there are many periods of serene, peaceful, uneventful days and who says that realization can’t dawn on those days too?

There may be many dazzling moments in life but they don’t have connotations of an end for how can it all end in fireworks when our stories aren’t going to end in the first place? Life here may end but the life of the hereafter is eternal. All we do here is in fact going to determine what our TRUE lives will be like there…

In order to earn our eternal abode, we will be tried and tested and it won’t always be with difficulties. Sometimes we’ll be tested with ease to see if we will be grateful and remain sincere! All that happens, happens for a reason and if we look closely, there is great lesson to be absorbed from it all.

Every person that enters our lives, enter for a reason.

Those were my thoughts as my eyes briefly travelled, lovingly over the smiling faces of some of the beautiful people in my life and I absorbed each lesson I’d learnt from every one of them.

Hayal- she had been through so much and yet here she was. Full of faith, full of happiness and madly in love with somebody she never thought she’d ever be able to love.


Her presence in my life was a means of teaching me that no matter what we get put through, the best thing we could ever do for ourselves would be to hold on firmly to our faith, trust in and love for Allah.


That after difficulty there is ease and that it is Allah who puts affections between spouses.

Alina- She seemed to have had it all in the form of her pre-marital relationship with Riyaad. Despite it seeming more convenient to continue in sin until the two of them had completed their studies, despite her fearing what the community would say about her young marriage, she went against her fears the moment she realized her wrong and decided to repent.


She put earning the pleasure of Allah over earning the pleasure of the people.


Before their decision to marry sooner, the two had cut off all contact with one another, putting their love for Allah above their love for one another. They knew that if their love for something exceeded their love for Allah, Allah would make them dependent on that and they would be betrayed by it.

The amount of time it had taken Alina to fall pregnant had taught me that sometimes we could be tested with fear of something not happening and even then, we should remain patient, pray and trust in Allah. That we should have full faith when praying for what we want and think greatly of Allah, knowing that He loves us more than our own mothers and will definitely give us what we want. We should also bear in mind that IF we don’t get what we asked for, it is only for our benefit. ALLAH ALWAYS GIVES US WHAT IS THE VERY BEST THING FOR US!!!

Riyaad and Alina’s humour was one of the most adorable aspects of their relationship and I can almost guarantee that if they had continued in their sin and married later, they could very well have lost that. LOL but by the occurrence that had just transpired between them an hour ago, it was clear that making things halaal at an early age had helped them retain all that humour and barakah alhamdullilah.



Attiyah- she had kept far away from any kind of Zina for a long period of her life.

At first she tried to go into hijab slowly but as soon as she realized Jannah would be haraam for her had she not worn it, she began to wear it full time when leaving the house.

She was modest and had so much of self respect, never flaunting herself in front of males and never making herself an easy target for them.


She never feared about finding it difficult to find a husband as she knew that when the time was right, Allah would guide the one who was written for her to her in the halaal way.

She had some fears for the future and some reservations toward marriage but soon decided to place her trust in Allah, pray and have faith.

In the mean time, the man of her dreams was being guided to the straight path and becoming all she’d ever wanted and finally when they met, they did so in a halaal way and never spoke again until marriage.

They say that every marriage has it’s ups and downs but if ever I had seen one that is near to perfect, it would be Rayhaan and Attiyah’s.



We all have our arguments I guess, but not so much Rayhaan and Attiyah.

The two of them, till this day seem head over heels for one another and in fact, as I watched her, Attiyah was giggling at her phone and typing away to Rayhaan who was just sitting outside. They couldn’t even eat without longing for each other !

Their relationship was a true depiction of why we should go about things the halaal way and never speak until marriage.



Rayhaan and Attiyah were far from a mundane, ordinary kind of love. To say they were like mad for one another would be an understatement! It was almost a mutual obsession and there’s no way to fully describe this relationship that was laced with so much of enthralling , passionate wonder!


Theirs was a bond full of blessings and an intense, rare kind of love! Their’s was a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous.

Rayhaan and Attiyah’s was a love story most crave for and a bond most likely obtained through doing all things in accordance with Islam and of course through dua!

As for all the girls before Attiyah that used to wish they would be the one to change Rayhaan , it taught me that it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with what Allah had ordained. That there was nothing wrong with them. That sometimes what you prayed for may be bad for you and good for somebody else but that you will definitely be recompensed with better! That better will be what is good for YOU.
Sometimes what you want may be good for you too and you should pray a lot for it.



Attiyah’s presence in my life has been a means of teaching me that everything done in a way that Allah is pleased with will always be good for you.


There is nothing good that can ever come about from what Allah has made unlawful, no matter how much glitter shaitaan coats it in and makes it seem so.


There is nothing bad that can ever come about from what Allah has commanded no matter how difficult you think it is to stick to.



Yusairah had been just the same and had gone about her marriage in the same way. But I am not looking at Yusairah right now for just a few months after marriage she moved to London with Raees after he got a job offer there. Oh! Also, Yusairah has gone into niqaab!

We all have come a long way but Yusairah is as usual, moving faster by a couple of steps and Insha Allah in time we all will be blessed with the beautiful hidayat to follow suit.


Aamerah was following the same route that Attiyah did. She is currently still very young and is absorbed in her studies and her deen.

She is working everyday on becoming among the most generous, kindest and golden hearted of souls.

She is working on herself toward becoming a remarkable woman while praying that when the time is right, she will be guided to by a remarkable man (whom she still very much wishes would be Rameez …LOL…or Riza! )

Guess the confusion hasn’t left that girl. Only, now she voices all her plans for the future to Allah and speaks about them in her prayers, rather than speaking to either one of them.

She has made peace with the fact that even if she were never to encounter any one of them again, whoever Allah wills for her to be with will be the right one for her.



She still prays for Rameez without doubt that Allah would grant her either him or somebody better for her. In the mean time she is making the best of her life and growing to be better every day.

Her presence has been a means for me to realize that you are never too young to receive guidance and change for the better. That it’s never too late to end all communications with a person that is haraam for you (eg. Riza) and that you should always remain patient and pray for what you’d like.


Most importantly, I have learnt that you should always be at peace with the fact that even if what you get isn’t exactly what you’ve asked for, Allah knows better than you do, Allah gives you what is the absolute best outcome for you and even if you don’t see reason behind it, TRUST that Allah did what was good for you.


Rumaanah was proof that the whole issue about marrying out of your community shouldn’t be made such an outcry and that ultimately we are all Muslim and no person is lower than any others based on what village you come from. However, there are a lot of changes one may have to deal with and should be willing to listen and consider what parents advise before making decisions.



Raeesa had been finding her way for all this time and is currently considering a proposal from Yaseen, who is Wasim’s second cousin.

If he doesn’t turn out to be the one for her, she will continue to wait in beautiful patience till the right one does. She will continue not to think on it and not settle just for the sake of it. She plans to keep working on herself, her deen and her dreams. She has already come so far in her quest of becoming more righteous and has begun wearing the hijab. She believes wholeheartedly that Allah does not delay anything unless the time for it is not right and that Allah does not do anything without reason.



Hasina was proof that following the advice of your parents and giving consideration to who they choose for you can sometimes lead to the most beautiful results. Sometimes our judgement can be clouded by our toxic love for a person who is bad for us and when our parents pick up a red flag, we should at least be willing to listen to their concerns.


These were just a few of the people who had impacted on my life.


There are so many others who I could go on about (but then I’d be rewriting the whole blog) whose journeys had been lesson not only to them but to me.

It is sad that many choose to make the same mistakes instead of learning from those around them.

It had taken me a few years to pick up on so many lessons and I’ve made a ton of mistakes from which I’ve had to learn. I’ve been through a great deal of pain for which I could have gotten so much more reward had I dealt with it the right way. While I am glad I now have these lessons for the future, I couldn’t help but think how great it would be for these lessons to be ingrained into our brains from as early as possible.

I immediately thought of my darling little Aaliyah and how I wished she wouldn’t take as long as I did to pick up on all these lessons.


I wanted for her to be equipped with every piece of advice, every dua, every Hadith and every piece of wisdom that I had picked up along the way.


Only, I didn’t want her to have to make the mistakes that I did in order to learn them. I wanted these valuable tools to be handed to her on a golden platter and while I thought about how I would impart these beautiful gems of wisdom to her in a way that she’d be willing to take in, a genius idea crept into my mind.




Having faith in Allah



Placing our trust in Allah



What we do in this world could determine our destination of the next

No good can come from what Allah has prohibited
No bad can come from what Allah has commanded


After difficulty there is ease

Allah puts love between spouses



Putting your love for Allah above all things including convenience and people’s opinions



Speaking before marriage sucks away barakah and may just remove the best part of your relationship



Sometimes we get tested with fear and should have faith and remain patient


All things should be done in accordance with Islam

Sometimes what’s bad for you is good for someone else but you will always be recompensed with better than what you asked for and didn’t get SO KEEP ASKING !!!



Work on yourself! Work on your hopes , dreams , aspirations and dreams. Work on your inclination to your deen and don’t waste your time stressing over the future. That is in Allah’s control!



You are never too young to change your life. Death can come right now.

It is never too late to cut off contact with somebody that is haraam for you.



The fragrance of Jannah is haraam for a woman who leaves her home without the hijab.



It’s better to wait long than marry wrong. Do not settle just for the sake of it!

Marrying out of your community should not be made such an outcry HOWEVER you should hear out your parents advices and then make decisions



Allah does what is the very best thing for you

Consider what your parents have to say. Sometimes you may be too blinded by a toxic love to see reason.













As salaam u alaikum. Please recite:




Qul huwa Allahu ahad



Allah hu samad



Lam yalid wa lam yulad



Wa lam yakullahu kufuwan ahad

(Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
He begetteth not, nor is He begotten.
And there is none like unto Him.)



Nabi ﷺ :
“Surat Al-Ikhlas is equivalent to one-third of the Qur’an.”   – (Bukhari)

Farah’s P.O.V



I could already feel the joy in the air as a little crowd of children ran excitedly into my home.

The rich scent of cardamom wafted my way before Nabeelah who carried the tray of burfi toward the tea table.

Nabeelah got married a little over a year ago to Shaheed- a distant relative who had been studying abroad until then. She had just turned twenty five when he moved back from the U.S and his mother saw her at a wedding. Looking back at it, despite the nags from aunties who wanted her married off young, Nabeelah was glad at how things turned out.

Both she and Shaheed were extremely mature and got to excel in their careers before they met which is what had been chosen and written for them. Allah, for reasons known to Him alone had planned exactly when everything should happen and what would be good for each person. Perhaps they would have been a little immature earlier on to the detriment of their marriage had it happened sooner.



Nabeelah’s son, Isa and my baby boy, Muhammed slept blissfully in the lounge, being watched by a domestic, while the bigger kiddos played in the area I had set up for the children.

Oh yes, have I forgotten to mention? As of four months ago, Aliyah had a baby brother named Muhammed.


We named him after the beloved Nabi Muhammad ﷺ . It is after all, his teachings that guide us through so much in life and of course , he had been the means through which the entire ummah had been given the beautiful call to Islam.



It was the blessed day of Eid ul Fitr and the entire house was booming with a blessed atmosphere!

The laughter of little kids had filled up our home and hearts like an endless sea of enchantment.

I preferred to do everything without a nanny or domestic when it came to my kids.


However, I only kept them under her supervision for a really short while on busy days like these, when it would be extremely impossible for me to get any work done with a baby on my arm.



I also made sure to keep them in places where I could see them at any moment because I’ve heard so many cases about baby sitters hitting or abusing the children quietly and didn’t want to take a risk. You’d be surprised at who you can’t trust these days..

As parents, we cannot just dump our kids around and we have to pull our weight and shoulder our own responsibilities! We want them to always be and feel secure and to have a relationship with us and not with their domestic .


I also didn’t like to dump them too much on my parents and in laws because as much as they won’t say it, family members may just get irritated at having to deal with your crying baby for more than they’d like to.


I’ve also seen many mothers in shopping malls, with their children walking behind them and not holding their hands. Do I even need to remind mothers of the dangers present in the world today? All it takes is a second of looking away from your child for kidnappers and child trafficking agents to grab them and run! And these crimes are very real in today’s society as much as you choose to ignore it.


Please, if they won’t hold your hand, AT LEAST make sure they walk in front of you and not away from your sight.

I finished frying the puris for kheer when I realized that I hadn’t wished Aliyah Eid Mubarak as yet. We often are so busy greeting everybody else for eid that we forget our own children. While I wanted Aliyah to try and be the first to greet at all times as it is a sign of humbleness, I still needed to get her in the habit of it since she’s young.


I made my way to the play area where Aliyah and Aarya were building blocks with Hayal and her baby girl- Zahra.

The love between Imraan and Hayal has blossomed even more throughout the years to the strength it held today and that’s why they named their first child Zahra, meaning blossom/flower.


Little Zahra was only one year old. An adorable and chubby baby girl, whom Aliyah and Aarya LOVED playing mother hens to!


They would act like little aunties by trying to feed Zahra even when she didn’t want to eat anything. They’d try and carry her but she was way too fat for their tiny arms and they always tried to make her go to sleep as if they were her mothers, much to her frustration which she vented by smacking the both of them with her chubby hands.

I ran my fingers through Aliyah’s long brown hair as she played and she smiled up at me.

Me: Is there something you want to say to me?

Aliyah: Eid Mubarak, mommy!

She was still a little upset over the birthday thing but we’ve been trying to advise her nicely and she seemed to be getting over it. She couldn’t stay mad forever !


I pulled her into a hug and lay a big kiss on her cheek.


Me: Eid Mubarak, my doll ! May Allah always shower you with everything of the best in this world and the hereafter! I love you so much, my princess!


It’s extremely important that we appreciate and make a lot of dua for our children and NEVER curse them. A parents’ dua is amazing and instead of saying : “Don’t cry when this bad thing happens…” or “you’ll see when you’re a parent!” , rather say “May Allah grant you hidayat.” When you are angry with them.




She grinned.

Aliyah: Love you so much, mommy!

I hugged and greeted Hayal, Aarya and Zahra then turned to Aliyah.




Me: What are you building there?


Aliyah chuckled excitedly.

Aliyah: um! It’s a pink and purple princess castle! But it’s not finished so it don’t look so nice…
I just loved her sweet voice and cute babyish grammar errors.




I planted a kiss on her forehead and inhaled the soft shampoo scent.

Me: I think it looks amazing! Well done, my darling. Zahra, did you help?

Zahra just looked at me, her cheeks dropping on either side of her mouth as she flashed her few teeth in a smile.

Aliyah: Mommy, she can’t talk.

Aarya: She can only say “dad”.

Hayal pouted.

Hayal: It isn’t fair.

I chuckled and picked up the fat little human.

Me: Zahra, say “Farah Masi”?

Zahra: Fff..DAD!!!

Hayal: Okay Zahra, please, at least say “Mom”?

Zahra: mm…DADH!

Hayal: See?!

Aliyah: She loves uncle Imraan !

Hayal sighed.

Hayal: I know the feeling…

I grinned.

Me: Calm down, Madame. He’s only a few feet away in the mens’ tent.

Hayal: So far away (she smirked).

I laughed as Hasina and Rumaanah came up behind me.

The two of them were on holiday in Durban and so was Raeesa so it added to the celebrations.

Rumaanah was pregnant and Hasina already had two little boys by the name of Azhar and Yunus.

Raeesa still hadn’t married but she was sure of who she now wanted to be in life and decided that when the right person comes along, it would be piety first that she’d look for and pray for so that she’d be guided forward in her deen and not dragged backwards and away from it (Insha Allah) Until then, she remained patient and refused to agree for the wrong person just for the sake of it.



But where was Alina?


I walked back into the house to call her as it was almost lunch time but she was nowhere to be found.


Nabeelah came in looking for her as well but she wasn’t in the kitchen or dining rooms.

Me: Maybe she’s still in her room?



We made our way upstairs and heard giggling emitting from Alina’s room.

I was about to go in but heard Riyaad’s voice coming from inside the room so I opted to let Nabeelah go in rather.

It wouldn’t be appropriate for me of course and it’s important that we try as best as possible not to speak unnecessarily to our brothers in law.




Nabi ﷺ said: “The brother in law is death!”




Once again, all these rules are a means of keeping our lives void of complication and steering us away from chaos.

Nabeelah knocked three times.
Nabeelah: Alina?

Alina: Come in!

Riyaad: OMG , STOP talking, Alina, this is the most crucial part!

She laughed again.



Riyaad: Seriously. Do not even … or you’ll break my concentration!


Nabeelah went in curiously and stayed for a while before bursting into laughter and rushing out.

Nabeelah closed the door behind her while shouting through it.

Nabeelah: This is why I don’t enter my brothers’ room because I may just walk in on you two doing nonsense like this!


Me: Er- you walked in on them doing what? …





I seriously hope I actually WANT to know the answer to that and that I wouldn’t be scarred for life.


Nabeelah: (laugh) Riyaad is doing Alina’s make up!


I snorted.

Me: What?!
Alina’s P.O.V

*Half an hour earlier*

After helping to prepare lunch, I stepped upstairs to take a shower and get ready.

My best clothes were laid out on the bed and I’d kept my jewelry and everything out before hand to ensure I would make it down in time to help before the guests come.

I was halfway through doing my make up when Riyaad entered the room.

He sat down on the bed after greeting me and started going through his phone as I applied eyeliner to my right eye.


Riyaad: Just look at all these political updates! I’m getting sick of this Zum-

Me: Ssh. Riyaad wait, I can’t concentrate.




His mouth dropped open.

Riyaad: So rude. What have I ever done in life to deserve this torture? I think I am a nice person but-

Me: OMG. STOP talking, Riyaad, this is the most crucial part.
I’m sorry. I love you. But gimme a second.


Seriously. I don’t know if most women can do this under normal circumstances but when I apply liquid liner or mascara, I need to focus really hard. Otherwise it just goes too thick or uneven or sometimes even smudges!


As cute as Riyaad was when he feigned dramatic tendencies, I needed my eyeliner to be cuter.


Riyaad: My wife is a tyrant!

I burst into minimal laughter which just ruined my whole eyeliner and then I had to cleanse it off and start again.

Riyaad opened his mouth to say something funny again and I stopped him…but he went on anyway.




Riyaad: You’re gonna smudge.

I ignored him.

Riyaad: Eyeliner not on fleek.

I stopped and raised my eyebrows at him.

Riyaad: You’re putting too much.

He smirked, enjoying how much he was irritating me.

I was about to draw the black line across my eyelid when he started up again.

Riyaad: Not enough…


Me: Seriously. Do not even … or you’ll break my concentration!


Riyaad: You’re being a drama queen. I’m sure I can do all of that in a more stressful environment without taking half the amount of time.

Oh. He did not just …

Me: Wanna bet?

I looked him straight in the eye and he grinned.

Riyaad: Nah I’m just kidding you carry on. Have fun.

Me: No seriously. Come show me how you’re gonna do that. I’m very curious now.

Riyaad: I’m scared. If I mess it I’ll be in trouble.

Me: I’ll just wash it off. Pleeeease do my make up, Riyaad! I think it will be really fun. And plus maybe then you will understand the struggle.



Riyaad: (sarcastically)Alina. Don’t be a nagging wife.

I decided to quote him.


Me: So rude. What have I ever done in life to deserve this torture? I think I am a nice person but-

He laughed.

Me: My husband is a tyrant…


I was about to drop the topic so as not to nag him but he got up and proceeded toward me.

Riyaad: (sigh) What do you do with all this nonsense now?

I pointed it all out to him.

Riyaad: That is the most complicated thing I’ve ever heard. First of all , how does one fit blush, highlight and what’s the other thing..



Me: Contour?

Riyaad: …on one cheek!? I think rocket science would be easier to study for than what you’re asking of me!



Me: I’ll show you as we go along.



I instructed him as we went along pointing out how to contour and highlight.

I quoted him to show him how annoying he was being earlier and began shouting out:
“You’re gonna smudge! Eyeliner not on fleek! You’re putting so much!”



Me: Now look. You just make a really really thin and even mark across the lash line okay?

Riyaad: I don’t know why I’m doing this…

He dragged the eyeliner brush neatly across my eyelids when there was a knock at the door.

Nabeelah: Alina??

Me: Come in!

Riyaad decided to quote what I said while he talked when I was the one doing this.

Riyaad: OMG. STOP talking,Alina. This is the most crucial part.


I laughed and he quoted me again.


Riyaad: Seriously, do not even …or you’ll break my concentration.

Nabeelah came in and burst into laughter.

Nabeelah: What is happening here?



Riyaad: Can’t talk. Very intricate business. Life depends on it.

Nabeelah: Oookay. Alina?

Riyaad: Don’t make her talk. She’ll move. Eyeliner won’t be on fleek.

Nabeelah: On fleek? That’s not something I ever thought I’d hear you say, bha! Or any boy for that matter….
….came to call you two for lunch but I guess I’ll leave you to it.


She laughed again before exiting the room and shouting through the door about how she’s never walking in on us again.

Riyaad completed and finally allowed me to look in the mirror when I gasped.



Me: What on Earth?! How is it that this actually looks nice???

I laughed. It actually looked SHOCKINGLY amazing !



Nabeelah came in to see the end result and gasped.


Nabeelah: Riyaad. Why have you never done my make up before?

Riyaad: Shut up. Nabeelah, if anybody hears about this…

Nabeelah: Do you not want me to tarnish your image?

Riyaad: Yes.



Nabeelah: And make you seem un-masculine?

Riyaad: Yes.

Nabeelah: And make you seem feminine?

Riyaad: YES! It was only coz Al coached me through the whole thing or else-

Nabeelah: It’s a bit too late for that.
She started getting up and walking backwards out of the room as Riyaad’s eyes widened.

Riyaad: Why?

Nabeelah ran out of the room while I laughed and turned my phone to Riyaad.

Nabeelah had changed her whatsapp status to : “#MakeUpBy Riyaad ! Message for bookings”


I’ve never seen Riyaad more angry in my life as he sprinted out the room.



Riyaad was a very private person and didn’t like all these public expositions so Nabeelah was gonna be in for it!


As old as they get, these two will never stop fighting like little siblings!




Riyaad: NABEEEELAAAAAH!!!! Get back here now and delete that!!!!!!!!!!



Sometimes a delay in something happening is for the best

Allah chooses what path your life will take and when, be patient, work on yourself and your imaan and enjoy your life. Everything happens when it’s meant to and when it’s best to




Having a strong love for Nabi Muhammad ﷺ and living in accordance with his sunnah



Be very careful who you trust your children with. Make sure that if you ever have a dire need for a domestic to just hold on to them while you work, that they are still in sight and in public. Never leave them alone .

Please ensure that your kids NEVER walk behind you in malls,etc.


Remember to be enthusiastic about wishing your kids for eid, etc.They should look at these big days as something to look forward to and not be cynical about it.


Show an interest in what your kids do. Encourage them and motivate them about their work and hobbies.


Make sure to tell them you love them every day so that they make a habit of it and do not feel awkward in expressing their love for you.


Make a lot of dua for your children. A parents’ dua is a great thing! Never curse them and in fact, even when you are angry, rather pray for their hidayat than complain.


Look for piety first in a companion and don’t just settle down with the wrong person for the sake of it. It’s better to take long than marry wrong. Work on finding yourself till Allah makes someone find you!



Refrain from speaking unnecessarily to your brothers in law



rules are for our own good



Your children are your responsibility and nobody else’s. Parents and in laws may offer to take of them from time to time but they are under no obligation to do so. Giving them to domestics to take care of too much is a big mistake. Your kids are YOURS and taking care of them, feeding them, changing their diapers, waking up at night for them, etc are YOUR duties, obligations and responsibilities! Even if you’re finding it difficult, don’t make it anybody else’s problem, especially not your parents’ / in laws’. This too is a test , you will be rewarded for your patience Insha Allah .



Joking around with your spouse as you two are best friends or playmates.